Plenary indulgence plus. . .

The past Caminos we showed up at the start, they gave us a passport and we were on our way with scallop shells dangling from our packs – not so at Vezelay.  First, at 10 AM we went to their Camino office, also a hostel & convent,  we signed our name to the forms in like 3 places and got the passport.  Now, were ready to go; but Oh no,  Monsuier, we want to tell you about the route.  After an hour we were on our way, but had an appointment for 3:30 for more route planning.  The afternoon session resulted in our deciding on a totally different route.  Magellan didn’t spend this much time on route planning.  Earlier we met one of the priest’s from the Basilica and he invited us to Vespers/Mass at 7:00 PM, only left enough time for a pastis after the map reading class.  With the nuns And priests singing the evening mass was beautiful and emotionally moving.  We were by that time insiders having made friends with two priests and five women from from the hostel/Camino group, but we promised to attend a Pilgrim blessing today.  The Blessing started at 0645 AM with an hour meditation time in the Basilica with exception of one or two candles it was totally dark. There were about 15 Pilgrims, six priests and ten nuns.  The priests and nuns then sang a benediction service – beautiful, then they brought us up and gave the Pilgrims blessing and to each a small prayer book – hugs and best wishes all around, and we were on our way.  After all of that we must full fledged Knights Templars now.

As the two days of planning were all in totally un-understandable French, we were off trekking with no clue, but a book full of notes.  They had given us several short-cuts, but they were unmarked, so after taking the shortcut, we couldn’t find the regular trail, so it turned into one extra long trail.  The regular trail is not well marked and it has been raining steadily most of the day.  At one point of confused trail, we went into the Marie (French City Hall), which aren’t open on weekends, but this one was, and we became friends with the Mayor (a town of 50 people), but he invited us to come back and visit him after the walk.  Par for us it was a longer &wetter day than it should have been, but we showed up where we has intended.  Neither of us were overly comfortable with todays trek, but it takes awhile for the body to get its act together.

Since we are almost ordained Pilgrims – We shall overcome. . . God bless and thanks for the birthday wishes.

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