Looking ahead


Hey!  Looking ahead can be scary, but whether trekking a Camino or the  journey of life there are always challenges.  It is the ups and downs of the trek from which we learn and build.  New people, new places, mental and physical challenges that make life an adventure and rewarding experience.  Life in a bubble is suffocating, so break-out and take a deep breath of life.

Monica and I still haven’t decided what we will be when we grow up.  At the moment we are realtors, yes, we have the licenses to prove it, but don’t just put us away in that box; we are Ocean sailors, hikers, travelers, chef & gourmand, but, don’t put us away in any of those boxes either.  We are now starting a business as (GypsySpiritsArt.com), where we make jewelry; photography (our photos mounted on canvas, metal or other; sculpting/carving in wood & stone; professional photographer and writer, we have published a journal and have a children’s book looking for a publisher; and don’t forget, Marine, police officer, mother of four; on and on.  The point is not the titles, but that like us everybody has a lot of different boxes that represent their life experiences, but we frequently only judge people for one of their many titles, without ever knowing the total person.

The plan is too restart this blog, as I don’t know if anyone else is interested, but it seems adventures just keep happening to us; so we will try to post how our days are spent, and hope that you find it entertaining.  Gypsy Spirits Art could be a full time job, making the product, photographing and preparing advertising, making and maintaining website and the product promotions are duplicated for Etsy.com.  The third weekend of July we hosted 35 people who have walked the Camino or are planning to; they camped out on Mt. Rose, and others we provided homestays; Monica catered the meals to the campground, and we along with three friends guided hikes on Sat. & Sun.  Great time was had by all, this was the third year we have put on the event.

Ice cream sandwiches

End of hike treat

The Falls 16

Photo op, Pilgrims at top of Galena Falls

The local Catholic Church wanted a hiking program based on the Camino to go along with Pope Francis’ Year of Mercy, and Monica volunteered to lead the program, so we are now leading hikes for the church groups twice a week.  Into the volunteering mode, she also volunteered us to be ushers at the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival throughout the summer at the outdoor theater at Sand Harbor.

Well, gotta go, but stay in touch. . .