Do Americans come here? No!

Today the entire walk was in the rain.  We were soaked through by the time we got to cobigny. As most of the villages we have passed through only consist of 3 or 4 houses cobigny seems like a real city, but it really is a small village also.  Yesterday we walked for several miles along what the guide calls,”the ancient Roman road,”  in reality it was a muddy trench, so although it rained all day today we were walking on paved farm roads, so no mud. That definitely made nicer walking. Unfortunately photo ops are limited as we don’t have an underwater camera.

When we got to the hotel (no Pilgrim accommodation here) we asked for the the WiFi code, instead of the code we got a blank stare.  What’s wifi?  We said it was a small village.  The tourist office said Americans don’t come here.  In fact, we haven’t met an American since arriving in Vezelay 4 or 5 days ago.  While this route is one of the traditional Pilgrim routes to Spain, dating back some 1300 years, the tourist office had no information at all about this route or any other. Pilgrims? ? ?  Even though the village has brass scallop shells set onto the pavement marking the route.imageimageimageimageimage

Picnic anyone?

Picnic anyone?

Hopefully it will soon improve, but so far we have found little of interest along this chermin (Camino).  It has proved a test for foul weather gear.  In preparation for the trip, we went through about six cans of waterproofing spray.  None of it has been effective when spending the day walking in rain.



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