Hey!  It is a nothing day just riding the train, Oh yes, a couple of changes in Paris with two short Metro trips – a chilled out boring day.  Wrong!!! But then we went to the wrong Metro track and had to backtrack.  Now we should have gone back and sprung for a new ticket, as the ticket is only good for one time through the gate.  No problem, we will just wait until someone else goes through and follow them.  Wrong!!! The gate closed on Monica holding her squirming and yelling, but a totally trapped captive of the Metro gate.  Other commuters wanted and tried to help, but to no avail..  She was pinned like a butterfly to a collectors board.  A maintenance worker came and between us, with much effort we got her free.  Now, she is inside and I am outside, but once again the maintenance worker to the rescue.  Even without a loud SHAZAMM, he opened a side gate and let me through.  Who would have guessed an Angel in the Metro?  Just to be sure he didn’t have to use up another miracle he walked us down to the right Metro train.  Hey! We be world travelers.  .

We didn’t want to try and top that so it was just a long train ride after that.  A tip for anyone who is going to ride the Paris Metro, and is totally ignorant of written or spoken French.  It is not a problem, but probably not in the Rick Steve’s WorldGuide.  Just step into any car in the train and yell (as inqiuiringly loud as possible) the name of your destination.  Obviously your pronunciation of the place will have no resemblance of the actual name, but regardless at least half the passengers in the car will respond with a equally loud yes or no that it is or isn’t the right train.  Well, thanks and Scuza me.  Hey, world travel is no big thing.

But, guess what, all that is history, and we are now in Vezelay – where the real adventure was intended to begin. . .

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