First view of Trevi.

First view of Trevi.

src=”″ alt=”First view of Trevi.” width=”300″ height=”224″ class=”size-medium wp-image-1231″ /> First view of Trevi.[/caption]We spent two days seeing San Damiano and Santa Maria Degli Angeli on the outskirts of Assisi, and found a laundry (we wash the essentials in the sink each night) so it was nice to have everything clean after days of scrambling in mud.  The last night in Assisi we went to evening Mass, after which they close the church; but after the church was locked up a Sister of the Poor Nun gave us a private tour in the church and her Convent chapel, an interesting history update.

We woke up to an awesome storm, thunder, lightening, heavy rain, an knew the trail would be untenable, so we took the bus to Foligno.  Again it was a school bus, the driver and Monica and I were the only adults.  The kids, junior high, were the most ill mannered, undisciplined that you could imagine.  Half of them were making out, while the other half bullied and fought.

Foligno was a delight, art, history, good food and drinks, wonderful people.  It is not a tourist town, but they recently reinvented themselves and it’s shops and restaurants are very upscale.

Today, we walked to Trevi, a medieval walled city on a mountain top.  From Foligno, you walk in a flat valley for about seven miles, then it is a long twisty climb for about three miles to Trevi.  We have a nice room including breakfast with a Pilgrim discount.  In Assisi Monica bought some plates and they gave her a 25 percent Pilgrim discount.  Last night they gave us a plate of appetizers for free because we were Pilgrims.

In Assisi, we went to the hotel bar and ordered a Negroni.  The bartender had no idea what a Negroni was, and we didn’t see any Campari, so Monica asked for a vodka, but they didn’t have vodka.  The bartender suggested a gin & tonic, so Ok we will have that.  After a wait the bartender returned and said he couldn’t make the drink because he had no limes.  We left and went to the bar next door, again that bartender had never heard of a Negroni, and yes he had vodka, but couldn’t make any cocktail drinks because his ice machine was broken.  Forget the cocktails we will go to dinner.  We want to have veal, the waitress says the veal is good, but have lamb. We say we had lamb the night before so we want veal – we got lamb.  We decided on a Rose wine, but the waitress says Rose doesn’t go with our menu and brought a bottle of Rosso.  Last night we arrived at where we were going to stay,having found the place from The owner says we didn’t make a reservation; Monica says apparently Booking .com hadn’t confirmed it. The owner then goes on and on that we don’t have a reservation.  We say do you have a room available?  She says yes, but again goes on and on that we don’t have a reservation.  Ok!  You have a room, you have no other reservations for it, and we are here – finally she showed us to a room.  Planet Earth is interesting for a vacation, but I’m not sure I’d like to live there – Say what!