A great Camino day. . .


We got to Valanca, Portugal and had thought if we can make it across the border to Tui, Spain we will be doing well.  Starting in Valanca, we became caught up in a group of fifteen or so Pilgrims, and we followed in their wake across the river into Tui, Spain. The number of Pilgrims on foot and on bicycle, all wishing a Buen Camino just caught us up into the excitement of the Camino; filled with the Spirit we just kept walking.  It was the Camino of old – in about 14 Kms we came to a bar, that became crowded with Pilgrims, German, Brazilian, Spanish, Austrian, and us, take off the boots, have a beer and a sandwich, fill the water bottles – the perfect Camino experience.

There were many photo ops and we arrived in Porrino, Spain, which had been having a month long festival, which was ending today.  HEY!  It is a petty day.  We find a 3star hotel, clean up our act and join the town fiesta.  We find a very busy restaurant to watch the festivities from and enjoy dinner, calimari, pulpo, and a chickpea/chorizo and meat dish, and a bottle of wine.  We get back to our hotel opting for a final/final.  Monica orders a sherry.  A perfect choice, I order an expresso and a brandy.  I get the coffee, the bartender set up a large brandy snifter, and commences to fill it to the brim.  Good night Pilgrims. . .

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