Along the way

Those are cobblestones in the yard in the house photo. Can you imagine hand setting all those to make a driveway?

The crosswalk light came on so this was a ‘Don’t Walk’ day.  Tonite we are staying in a private home, and this morning we took the tram up the mountain to the cathedral.  I guess they put the church on a hilltop, because that is as close to heaven as some of the congregation will get. A great vista over the town and out over the ocean and coastline.

Then we walked into the town center sightseeing.  As we were. going down a quiet side street, Monica heard the sound of a crowd of people talking, there was nobody else on the street, so we followed the sound to a door.  There were no signs or anything making that door any different than the other doors on the street.  Monica opened the door to find a very crowded restaurant.  The seating was for family style eating, and after a short wait we got seated.  We had mussels, and a couple of whole fish, potatoes, a couple of desserts, wine – all was super.  Halfway through the meal another couple joined us.  The woman was from thr Netherlands and the young man was from Dallas, Texas.  He had been all over the world, but we immediately bonded, as he had also been a Marine.  A very interesting couple.  Meanwhile back at the house, after a stop at the local grocery, Monica made dinner for us.  Sharing the house with us is a woman from South Africa, so it was another interesting conversation.

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