Explaining the unexplainable?

When last we heard the gypsies were hiking in France?  No, they were driving in France? No, no, no, they were looking for a hotel in France?  And now the featured photo is Portugal – please try to keep up.  We have just experienced a medical exam by Aliens, so we are a bit confused.

As last we recall, we drove to Bayonne, France.  Why?  To get to Irun, Spain of course. Soooo, then a nice train took us on an all night ride to Coimbra, Portugal.  Why? To catch another train to Oporto, Portugal, of course.  All these why’s, you people don’t get out much I guess.  So, now we are in Oporto, spent a couple hours walking all the hilly streets with our backpacks in search of a tourist office who could give us all the details on the Portuguese Camino to Santiago.  Oh sure, now you remember this all started as a Pilgrimage.  Well, none of the tourist offices had any info, they just wanted to sell us a trip to the Canaries.  Well, that’s for the birds, so they toldimageimageimageimageimageimage us we had to go to the Cathedral (on top of another hill).  We climbed to the Cathedral, where we did get a stamp on our Pilgrim credential, but they had no info about the Camino to Santiago.  Interesting, they said people were very interested in walking to Fatima, but they knew nothing about that either.  They, the Cathdral office said go to a bookstore, and they recommended two bookshops.  We went to both, neither had anything about the Camino, let alone a guide book.  So, we have spent several more hours walking about the city.  We did discover a huge inclosed market area, and had a delicious lunch.  Then met two California expats and the wife’s parents, all of whom probably wouldn’t have believed  our alien abduction story.  But, as they say one in every four is . . . Who says that?

Well, you may hear rumors that we are off tomorrow as Pilgrims.


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