Update on Oporto.

Oporto has a dozen ancient churches, interesting archetecture but unkept, understandably since it is a poor country.  Their attendance will match anyone.  The morning Mass was a full church. At one time a leading world power, but then pretty much out gunned by everyone.  Now in a power crazy world Portugal is some what of a lost child.

Today the streets were thronged with tourist.  At first it is unbelievable, summer is over in most of Europe, it is a weekday, so why this middle of summer holiday frenzy? Simple, Portugal is the best value for the buck in most of the civilized world.  The reason the American expat’s and many, many others resettled here is it has all the services at a much reduced price compared to any other country.  Today after hours of walking around the city, we returned to our hotel and ordered a couple of beers, I had a second.  The bill was three euros, one euro a beer.  One beer in France would have been  three or four euros.  Tonight’s dinner was delicious, more than we could eat, including a bottle of reserve wine for under $50.

Picture and story at eleven. . . During our lunch a TV news crew came in and filmed a story about the restaurant, we were sitting in the background.  Stardom dogs us every where.

the street sign in the featured photo didn’t come through, but it said “Trindade,” Monica later told a police officer we were talking with her name, and he corrected the pronounciation.

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