Oh no! Another one. . .

Yep! Another year has rolled around, so it had to be a special day. It has been a great day starting with the best breakfast that we have had in France. Then I was promised a short day walking, and an easy flat trail. Well, it was shorter, but a steady up for about the first 2-3 miles. at about midpoint of the climb, Monica’s phone came on playing the Spanish Monks chanting the Mass, what a nice gift. shortly after we topped the climb, another gift, a breeze came through to dry off the sweat. It came and went and came back later, it would have been nice to have a steady wind, but it is not the gift, but the sentiment of the giver. The best of the day was that yesterday I thought I was going to need knee surgery, and today I could almost keep up with Monica. Maybe some of the rocks we scrambled over yesterday were Kreptonite? Whatever, today had no problem. At lunch time, we had not seen a village, people, nothing, but we came to a place with a faucet coming out of a rock, so stopped to fill the water bottle, and Shazaam! Another gift a French Poet selling beer out of the back of his car. HE do move in strange ways. Thanks to all for your many gifts of friendship, and special prayer for Monica’s love and care.

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