Dave’s Birthday

Happy Day.
A hero … With a bad knee the old guy walked 11 miles. Let him off easy. Very hot again. But weather is changing rain tomorrow with a 32.5 click day…that is almost 20 miles !!! Are we crazy. Lease don’t answer we know you have to be in another world to do this. Blessings to all and gifts to Dave

href=”https://gypsyspirits.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/image36.jpg”>image image image image image image

2 comments on “Dave’s Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Dave! We know you had a wonderful day-you’re walking (hiking) the Camino for heaven’s sake. We miss you and Monica and love you both very much. Here’s to another wonderful year of gracing the world with your presence.
    xoxo Alexa, Matt, Nick and JJ

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