Yesterday’s sage advice

imageimageimageYesterday when we met the prune grower, we told him where we had walked from, and I told him I didn’t know how many more years we could continue. His response,”don’t think about it,you are doing it now. Live in the now.”
Then we met the Gite owner, who also drove us to Moissac and didn’t want any payment for his service, I had asked how his day was going, and he responded,”if I have a problem I call St. Jacques, 111, Hello! St.jacques I need help. His number is, On the Way, no problem.” Meeting the people along the way is one of the many side benefits.
It can’t get much better than today’s walk, about 12 miles, 9 of which were flat and shady following a canal. It was interesting because there were a number of vacation rental boats using the canal,and during our snack break we got to watch a boat pass through a set of locks. The Cambre from last night that we thought was iffy turned out to be nice, and the woman gave us bread and apples for our picnic. We added a delicious blue cheese that we bought yesterday at the festival for a very nice picnic.

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