The Angel. His inn was completo (totally full) bit he called other lodgings and found them all full. Oh No! No room in the viage, but the Angel wAs undaunted , he said follow me and lead me down the street and over a block where he went into a building came out wit a woman tellinge to follow her, we went into an adjoining building where she had a beautiful do leadership con banos. Saved by the Angel, Thos was especially nice sine the day had again been freezing gale winds, and rain for most of the day. Plus it was a 14.9 mi day with several long hills to climb. We are going to take a rest day here, as the next day Is longer and has more hills. Monica has been spectacular takes a bit to wake up, but each days last 6-8kms she becomes the rental horse headed for the stable. If it wasn’t raining she would be a grass fire hazard. Aches, pains, and blisters be damned she is moving on to finish the day. An amazing lady.


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