And they call the wind Maria. Again we started out in freezing cold high winds , but after a couple of hours it calmed down and the track just undulated with no extremes, so it was a pleasant day. Another route joined our Camino Frances yesterday and there are a lot more pilgrims now, particularly quite a few young people. Dave made the observation that with the numbers of pilgrims passing by all day,each day, it seed strange that the bars/cages along the Way would close for siesta. Monica wisely answered that they were content with their lifestyle and weren’t driven to change it Think about it. Some of today was rocky natural trail, but a lot of it was along fields of the wine grapes of La Rioja, mostly Tempranillo and Grenache. In our opinion it is a step up from the wines of Navarre. Buen Camino is the greeting to and among the Pilgrims.


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