Paso o paso – step by step we move toward Santiago. Got a respectable early start, passed around La Reina weather was looking good, there were a lot of pilgrims put and about. Initially we walked along a fa road bordering a river; there are a number wild flowers blooming and attacking Monica’s sinuses. There were a variety birds singing – A very idyllic scene,but shortly we were facing a steep rocky hill. Long and twister we passed through two villages neither offered any services, and we hadn’t had coffee yet. It is very weird as yup walk thru a village at siesta there is not a soul on sight. It feels like they evacuated the people. We walked a section of road that had been built by the Romans 2000 yes ago. The afternoon was 25ph headwinds, on and off showers , we always had the wrong gear on. But we did log on 25plus kms. Tonight we are In Estella,


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