Life in a house of mirrors

well, by 10 o’clock we were finally dining at our hotel, the Hotel Rio Bubly.  Honestly that was the name of the hotel. Hey! It is just across the street from the Rio Bubly, we are not talking the Nile or the Amazon here, but the Rio Bubly.  We both agreed the meal was perfectly cooked and very nice.  This morning we went down for coffee, just minutes ahead of a herd of seniors from two tour buses.  It was like the grasshoppers descending on Utah; as there was only one young woman hotel employee, who had to deal with the people checking out of the hotel, answer the phone for new reservations, glad hand the local morning crowd, while making 200 espresso coffees for the tour bus crowd.  She did it all admirably.  She must stay heavily sedated.

Then we were off for a coasr drive along almost the whole Atlantic coast of Spain.  The car has to stay in Spain and the San Sebastián airport is as close to France as we can take it. The airport is actually in Hondarriba. This is totally Basque Country. We were in Handarriba a number of years ago, and the story at the time is a book unto itself. So, how romantic to rekindle the memory.  Can you believe I got a room,not just a room, but the same room from the past, with a view looking out to the sea.  Since our last visit the hotel has been remodeled and updated. Now with an elevator – how gosh! The staff is bored to tears.  The recommended restaurant was an overpriced dog & pony show.  As the saying goes, you have to live in the now, you can’t go back to the past.


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