Padron. . .

We are now in The town of Padron, home of the Padron pepper. Before we even got to our hotel room we had a platter of Padron peppers and a platter of Pulpo Galician style; well of course you can’t have that without a nice white wine – it was all delicious.
This has been a nice day, overcast, cool with a breeze, most of the time away from the highways, on a quiet trail/tractor road, and with a couple of cafe stops along the way. It doesn’t get much better than that.
There were a lot of Pilgrims??? Well, a number of them, including a couple from San Jose were part of a tour, so they don’t carry much and have a support van chaperoning them along the way. “Why isn’t our bus here? I want a banana.
Please, but another issue we were discussing at inner with a Pilgrim from Denmark, he has done all the major Camino routes, over 6600 Kms, hey, that is something over 4,000 miles – and no assistance or any bananas. Anyway, we all were wondering what registers with the average Pilgrim? They go along in continuous animated conversation, they don’t stop or even turn their heads as they pass by points of interest. In the 4 – 5 weeks we have been walking, we have started conversations with many people, but have yet to have anyone initiate a conversation with us. The definition of Pilgrimage has obviously gotten distorted, but few we have met have any interest or concern for any form of spiritually. Sadly, for most this is a walking holiday. The Camino has lessons for living, and maybe more importantly it can give you the opportunity to meet your inner- self.
Tomorrow we should be in Santiago de Compostela.

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  1. I am sure others would initiate conversations with the two of you…..IF they had a chance! You are both so outgoing and gregarious that the other pilgrims you meet just never get the chance! The pulpo Galician and Padron peppers (and white wine, of course) sound fabulous!

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