And the beat goes on. . .

We ended yesterday in a town, named Arcade. It had been a hard day ending with a hill, and the first hotel we come to is completo -sold out. They called the only other place to stay, and luckily they had one room left.
This morning we walked down to sea level, and then started a long rugged climb, first along skinny cobble stone town streets and then continued up a rock strewn trail. There were dozens of Pilgrims along the way, one couple from Redwood City who had a vacation home in Truckee; and another couple from Washington. Both couples were in their 60’s, so we had ahold timers get together. After we conquered the hill, it was back to mostly road walking. Interesting, all the area accommodations are taken up by people from all around the world attending a Frozen Food conference. Funny, no Eskimos.

We are now in Caldas de Reis, formerly known for it’s hot springs, but looking very Industrial now.
We went to rosary & Mass tonight, and met 6 Pilgrims from Brazil, who started the pilgrimage to Santiago from the shrine at Fatima, Portugal. They have been walking 17 days.

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