Are we walking backwards?

Yesterday they told us the distance was 22 Kms (13.6 miles) and it turned out to be 27Kms (16.5 miles), so OK we survived it. Again today it was supposed to be another 22 Kms, but ended up being 28 Kms. Today they threw in a couple of hills, yesterday was flat. Every time we stopped and asked how much further we had to go the distance got longer – How can this be we have walked for over an hour, and our destination is further away. We were late and tired getting to our Pension. We met a young single German Pilgrim along the way today, and we ended up catching up, as she had passed us earlier, and arriving at the day’s destination together.

Much of the day was spent on cobblestone streets, they are uneven to walk on and the trekking poles catch in the space between to stones, so it is not comfortable walking. Amazingly though, we passed both street workers and private homes where they were building cobblestone streets and driveways by hand. Equally amazing was the men and women working in commercial size gardens doing all the work by hand. A step back in time.

There was a beautiful section of today’s walk through a rocky wooded area, crossing a river on a stone foot bridge. We also visited several beautiful churches. Much of the day was through very prosperous residential areas, none of the abandoned derelict crumbling medieval, that makes up many rural areas of Europe. Everything neat, clean, and modernized.

We are now in Viana do Castello, going to spend an extra day seeing the town. We are spending tonite in a very nice Pension, their attached restaurant is great. Since we have been walking along the coast, we have eaten mostly seafood, and tonight’s dinner was super. They didn’t have a room for us tomorrow, but, no problem, we are staying tomorrow night with the Pension owner’s sister in their family home.

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