You won’t be bored.

Today we walked for seemingly miles and miles along a boardwalk that parallels just back from the beach. First they told us it was a 22 km day, it turned out to be 27 Kms. The first miles are in two ocean front resort towns (right down their touristy streets) then you go on the boardwalk, because it is actually boards, you can’t use trekking poles, because they get stuck between the boards. It is nice walking along the ocean where there is a moist breeze.
Along the way we met a German couple, they are veteran Pilgrims and today was their 45th wedding anniversary. They said they had at another time met a couple from Ca. We know Susan Alcorn and her husband, who live in Layfayette, CA. What are the odds?

We forged on and stopped to ask a farmer how far to the town where our hotel was? He said two or three Kms. Great! We are almost home. A number of Kms later (we have now been walking in woods) we come to a bar in a village, and ask for directions to our hotel. Our hotel was not here, but in the next town further on. The good news there were two Pilgrims in the bar, one young man spoke perfect English from Barcelona and his older companion from Italy, who had already done nine Caminos were now walking together to Santiago. The bar owner was above and beyond to assist us. We didn’t know any of these people but it was like a reunion. The good news it was only a couple of more Kms to our hotel. but, after the fellow Pilgrims reunion, it was a easy walk to our hotel.

Along the way we got three extra stamps on our credential, and a new shot of enthusiasm for the Camino. The Camino is a long walk, but not all long walks are a Camino. The True Camino has many lessons to be learned, and many gifts. Mental, physical, and spiritually, the Camino is not a stroll in the park.

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