Vila do Conde, Portugal

We are entering Vila do Conde, but at the time we can see nothing that looks like a town, but along comes a cute young angel.  We ask her, “which way is the centro?”  She replies,”Come with me I’m going there.”  She is a college student studying Hospitality, so she points out all the points of interest along the way, like the Roman aqueduct and the overlook of the town.  As we descend into the town, she leaves for her own appointment.  We begin to look for the Pilgrim Albergue, in the general direction our Angel had pointed us.  But, as we have been searching in vain, along comes another young cute Angel, this one is employed as a baker, “I understand the question, and I don’t have an answer, but come with me.”  A little further along, she has a conversation with another young lady, who does have an answer.  Our Angel takes us to the Alberque, but it isn’t open.  As we have had nothing to eat all day, she takes us on a tour of various eating places, giving her opinion on each, as this village is on the ocean, she left us at a waterfront restaurant.  It was a good suggestion, Monica had a whole fish grilled.  The lunch was excellent, and the restaurant also included a Pension.  So, we now had food and lodging.  The owner was a dynamite lady with an answer to our every question.  No problem! Life is sweet for a Pilgrim in Portugal.

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