The search?

todays travel lesson is that the search is universal.  We are all searching. Tonite we are staying in a B&B on a Deer farm. How many deer farmers have you known?  He was a licensed German ship captain and she was a Netherlands nurse.  The stress in their workplaces caused them to reinvent themselves. Move to France, buy a farm, and take up deer farming.  Deer farming?  Are you kidding; well I guess their is doe in it.

Then we went to dinner, in a village too small to be on any map.  The owner, a very Brithish accented and acting older woman, was born in Britain, but lived her adult life in the western U.S., her kids live in Arizona.  She is a retired manager from IT&T. Retired she thought it would be nice to own a quaint restaurant in a small medieval French village. Hey! Momma, it ain’t under the Tuscan Sun.  Some where along the way goat farming didn’t work out, any better than running a restaurant single handed worked.  Now, to the rescue comes the British son of a friend, who is posing as a cook{using the title very loosely) while singing along with a vintage Johnny Cash album.  His cooking ability would put him in Folsom prison, it borders on criminal.

But, what can we say, it is our search that has brought us to all these other searchers.

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