There are roads and there are roads

imageimageimageimageimageimageOnce again this morning for breakfast Monica fed the masses (me) from almost nothing as there has been no stores, from the remaining eggs we bought and she backpacked yesterday, a leftover baguette and voila!  For the last several nights our dinners were nuked in microwave ovens, interestingly, at home we don’t own a microwave.  More amazing, the second night our room was over a restaurant, and they didn’t want us in the restaurant for whatever reason, so the chef made up dinner plates and sent them upstairs for us to heat with a microwave.  We did have breakfast in the restaurant.  The dinner did include a carafe of wine, so not all bad.

we started with a short climb on a dirt trail, that then went to a paved farm road, and then to a two lane paved highway, then back to a quiet paved country road, but the last several miles were again along a high speed highway, with very little shoulder room. This is not relaxing.  As said earlier, the road sign is bigger than the village. You see a sign that you are entering a village, you walk past three farmhouses then a sign saying you left the village. No shops, no amenities, no people.  I will no longer complain about too many Starbucks & McDonalds.  Today we arrive at our destination, the village covers a large area, walked a long time before reaching the center.  There are only two places with tourist accommodations, and neither has a room with private bath.  Monday’s every business is closed all day in the rural towns, the other days everything is closed between one and four.  So, by the time you finally find a village that has tourist amenities, everything is closed.  Tonite, we are again in a room over a restaurant, so we shall see. . .


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