Interesting day. . .


Wow. 2 to 4 euros for wine. Is it really wine?

Wow. 2 to 4 euros for wine. Is it really wine?

Choice for dinner...not look to good

Choice for dinner…not look to good

One one burner worker.

One one burner worker.

What do you expect for 10 euro per person?.

What do you expect for 10 euro per person?.

Every day is a new day, a new experience, and today was no different. Breakfast and hotel checking out was once again a linguistic challenge. All we wanted was a bottle of water, but the request was beyond the hotel clerk.  She went and woke up her daughter, who had no better understanding of English, but eventually between them we got a bottle of water.  I don’t mean to put them down, as it was me who didn’t speak the language, so it was mutual frustration.

The walk out of town took us along farm roads with plowed fields, Cattle and sheep roaming acres of green pasture, and an occasional Chateau. The route began to undulate between long easy climbs, down the other side, then repeat it all again.  The guide said it went from 239 up to 350, but it seemed a lot of up for 100-150 feet, then we realized it was in meters, so three times what we had been thinking.  And, three times the huff and puff

There’s a pattern forming that started in Italy when a little cat joined in walking with us for about a half mile, and I had to escort him all the way back to where he joined us.  Today it was a young donkey, who was grazing along the road as we passed by, but after we passed he began following us. I stopped to take his picture, but before I could focus he was up close and personal with me.  So, we started walking again, and here comes the donkey following right along.  We stopped and tried shooing him to go back, but it didn’t work.  He just kept following along,at times nudging Monica’s pack. Try as we may there was no getting him to turn around and go back; to stop following us.  After what seemed forever a car came along, going in the direction we had come from, the car passed us and stopped by the donkey.  The donkey began excitedly HeeHawing, the car started on down the road with the donkey kicking up his heels and trotting after the car.

We are spending tonight in a Municipal hostel, just us and a German couple, and we each have a private room.  After showering and cleaning up, Monica and  I walked around the village, shockingly there are no businesses of any kind and very few residents.  Homes and other buildings are all for sale.  There are no restaurants and no groceries, dinner was going to be iffy, but Monica went foraging and we had a nice dinner with wine.  What’s the French phone number for meals on wheels? We went for a walk around the derelict village, and stopped at a fenced in field, and with no action on our part, sheep, chickens, geese, and a rooster, seeing us all came running down to the fence to greet us.  It must be our animal magnetism.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day..wish you had gotten a picture of the donkey following the car or following Monica 😆

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