What no kippered herring?

We  left Oakland on Norweigan Airlines,  Oakland is very easy in & out, and Norweigian was one third the average price to Europe.  Brand new 787 Boeing planes, but no frills IKEA design. They did get us to Gatwick/London.  Then the intended Express high speed directo train to Dover became a local train, bus, high speed train to another high speed train to eventually arrive in Dover; and on a day that had the highest recorded temp. For all time.  While we had made a B&B reservation, we misplaced it and couldn’t remember the name of the place.  We walked to the place we thought was it,but it wasn’t, however it was a Pub (that had not rented a room in three hundred years.)  Two ales later, we were on our way to the right place.

We went out for dinner, following the advice of several locals we ended up At an Italian restaurant.  We hadn’t eaten all day, and we ordered so many dishes (and ate everything) that the waiter put another table and chairs next to us, because he said we were eating for four.

Tomorrow the adventure starts with a hike to the ferry and crossing the Channel to Calais, France.  Sounds simple, but simple never is with us.  They made us totally repack our backpacks at the Norweigian counter in Oakland, and then TSA wouldn’t let my pack through with a Leatherman pocket knife, but OPD saved the day there.

Life is just a bowl of cherries, with a little help from the Angels.



One comment on “What no kippered herring?

  1. Wonderful to hear from you and that you are, in fact, making your pilgrimage. I hope Dave’s knee is better and that Monica’s neck and shoulder are not a problem. Know that we wish you a safe and harmonious journey. We look forward to future correspondence. Love you both Peedee and Lou

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