News from the Cuckoo’s nest

Sorry, to miss this year’s Fleet Week, it is always a fun visit to S.F.  I have posted some shots of our last fleet

A few weeks ago, Monica got steroids and gel squirted into her lower spine; and a few days ago I got an MRI for my knee, seems it sometimes doesn’t follow directions well. In my case the doctor said it was old age.  Old age, indeed!  The very idea, obviously a wrong diagnosis. Although of late I don’t recognize the guy in my shaving mirror; that can’t be me, I know I’m younger than that.

Quick Monica,  we must hurry before they come with the straps!  Call it crazy, but assuming we are both still standing by next Monday, we have flight reservations to London, take the train to Canterbury, hike to Dover, cross the Channel to Calais, take train to Vezelay, France; then start hiking with our backpacks south to the Pyrennes, about 400 miles or so.  We love to go a wandering. . .  Oh Boy, off to Paree – again.


One comment on “News from the Cuckoo’s nest

  1. Sounds like you’re good to go you guys Michael and I are going to be down at the beach Friday night for o’clock for music and his last day of radiation so I think it’s gonna barbecue and he’s got some friends coming and it’s a really good band so come on down and will just potluck and I don’t know what we’re doing we’re barbecuing a try tip and whatever of everybody brings anyway love to see you it’s been a busy week

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