Euros & waitresses

Euros paper bills start at 5 Euro, smaller than that is in coins.  So, we are in this very small village, and she and a Australian Pilgrim wanted to see the medieval church. At the door of the church, the interior of which was pitch black, was a box that for one Euro would light up the church. But, between the three of us we didn’t have a one euro coin.  So,with we holding the door open to let a bit of light in, both Monica and the other women went around the inside of the church using their cell phones flashlights.  We just went to Lourdes, and I need 4 or 5 euros to park, again no coins, I have euro bills and a credit card but no coins. After petitioning a number of pedestrians, I got enough coins to park. Inside the Shrine Monica wants to light a candle, expected no coins for thr candle, no problem they have a cashiers office.  They are French, so the office is closed for lunch.  Want a bottle to take holy water from the grotto at Lourdes, no problem, you just need two euros.  And the machines don’t take random coins to equal the fee, only the single proper coin.  I’m now wondering if it is financially easier to be a Buddist?

Now for waitresses, at the Basque restaurant high in the Pyrenees, the waitress only spoke Basque. She came to our table and began reciting the days menu in Basque.  Listen we didn’t get French, forget Basque.   So, she gave us her notepad with the days specials and went away, written of course in Basque.  Food in almost any language we can figure out, so we ordered and all went perfect.

tonite our waitress treats us as if we are from a tribe of Amazon Indians who have never seen the civilized world until we now parachute into her Gascogne hotel & restaurant.  Very pleasant and well meaning, and does not speak English,  she wants to give us a detailed description of every item on the menu. She keeps running back and forth from our table to the next room to consult with her adult English speaking son. Finally he comes to our table to also explain that his family cooks only local products and all dishes are homemade. Then we learn that his mother also speaks Spanish, so now the four of us are trying to understand our order in three languages (actually four languages as my Spanish is Latino, but it worked fine in Spain.)  then the son says we should order dessert with our first order as it is homemade and takes 15 minutes.  So we order his recommended chocolate cake, but Monica says put a scoop of ice cream on it.  He looks mystified and says the ice cream only comes in two scoops.  How can that be, you scoop out the ice cream one scoop at a time, give us one scoop.  No, not possible the ice cream only comes in two scoops.  They only served three couples for dinner.  We sat down at 8 PM and finished and left at 11 P M., and Monica sent her entree back and didn’t eat the replacement.  Once again we were characters in a comedy play.  Well, the show must go on. . . and I’m sure it will.

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