Is this the end?

We stayed in a  farm Gite 2 nights ago, the meal was pathetic and the owner, who looked just like Monica’s father, sang and got everybody singing.  With his routine he could have been Hubert.  Yesterday the hike into St. Jean Pied de Port, had a couple of small hills and one long climb, but now after 400 miles we had no problems, the Basque Country is great hiking country. We stopped at a small village and had a nice lunch, so we arrived in good shape.  St. Jean like most touristy places has gotten busier since we were here last.  The problem now is how do we get out of town.  Apparently they had a landslide from heavy rains, and it took out the train tracks. They replaced the train with a bus that only comes once a day, but maybe not on Sunday?  By French law, businesses have to be closed on Sunday, and either Sat. Or Mon.  It most villages there is nothing open on Mondays. With the exception of a pizza parlor (if the village is big enough to have one) .  So, today was wash everything, clean and wax our boots, and try to leave town tomorrow. Headed for Biarritz.imageimageimageimageimage

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