We are here!

imageimageimageimageimageIt is hard to believe that we are only about 35 kms from St Jean Pied d e Port. So many experiences, so many miles, the time is blurred. Individual days and the various happenings pop in and out of the walk. Hundreds of photos to bring back the experiences.
We walked across the bridge in the photo and looked down on huge fish feeding in the river. We saw photos in a sports store of local fishing and the catches were awesome, some relative of our pike and Muskie.

It is now Thurs. and after a day of roller coasting up and down the hills,with a final steep down a creek bed and back up to the village of Ostabat. Today was a walk in Basque Country, a lot of small farms all very neat with all the houses painted red & white. We are staying on a farm that has rooms and also a Gite. The owners have family in SanFrancisco and Pacifica, so they got out their photo albums to introduce us to their family. Sorry, I don’t remember seeing any of them when I’ve been in the City.
Today had several strenuous uphill, long and steep, but we made good time. In fact, where we stayed last night with the group of French hikers, they were up and gone by 7:30, we didn’t get going until 8:30, and we caught up with them 2 1/2 hrs down the way,and they are staying with us again tonight, and we got here two hours before them. We walked for a while and shared lunch with a woman from Norway. She has also done the Camino France. It was interesting learning about Norway.
It is a beautiful afternoon, we have showered, washed our clothes, and sitting outside having a beer. There are two French ladies singing the Pilgrims chant – Ultreia! Ultreia means Onward, and in older times was the pilgrim greeting, now replaced with “Bon Chimen,” or “Buon Camino.”
As we look out over several rows of hills each one increasing in elevation with the peaks of the true Pyrenees towering in the back. A beautiful area.

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