French theatre

Oh no, another night of French theatre with us in the leading roles. Today was an easy flat walk along continuous cornfields.when we arrived at our destination, we had not eaten since the Spartan French breakfast, and there was a busy cafe so we decided on glass of wine and light lunch. On the menu they listed burgers, and half burgers. Monica wondered who would order half a burger, so she ordered a regular burger. The burger came and would have challenged Dagwood and Wimpy. It a slice of bread with about a 1/3 lb burger with a 1/4 lb of goat cheese on top, then another slice of bread, and the meat and cheese repeated on top of that,then another slice of bread. Served with lettuce salad and fries. Take a lot of walking to burn that off.
Then we went to the hotel, and the owner doesn’t speak a word of English and doesn’t want to try. He grunts something to a waitress/maid and she disappears up a flight of stairs without speaking or any recognition of us. We were supposed to have known to follow her to the room. The maid had left a key in the door to a room, so that must be ours. The bed had no top sheet, only a very heavy comforter. The weather is too warm for the comforter, so we go ask the owner for a sheet. After repeatedly trying to explain all I wanted was a bed sheet, and getting no response at all, Monica used the translator app on her cell, it has been very successful in the past. He mumbled something about the English language and went back to doing whatever.
We went out for a drink and Monica ordered a Picon. Very French don’t you know. The bartender didn’t have any idea what the drink was, so I went in and showed him the bottle and ask for a drink with it. There were about a dozen locals at the bar, and nobody spoke English, or had any idea of what kind of a drink you would make with Picon. Monica suggested serving it over ice, but the French don’t use much ice, so nobody there could remember the recipe. We gave up and returned to the hotel. Seeing us the owner called to his wife to come find out what we needed. She only spoke French also, so first she got us a blanket, Wrong. Then she got very upset that we didn’t like her comforter. Eventually we all got on the same page, and we got a sheet.

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