A grand style – almost

 The Pastor's homeimageTonite we are staying in a Gite which is in a beautiful 300 year old home that adjoins the church and originally was the pastor’s home. Beautiful, but. . . Sadly, It is downwind from a duck farm, and gets an over powering smell of duck droppings.
The little feathered rascals are worse than cows.
We have been wondering why we see tractor trailers of grapes, but we don’t see anyone picking. This morning the mystery was solved. The grapes are picked mechanically by a machine (tractor) that straddles the row of grapes, and driving down the row removes just the grapes, even picking them from the stems. It then transfers the grapes to a tractor trailer and the job is done. Only two workers, where there use to be dozens.

One comment on “A grand style – almost

  1. Ducks, eh. You’ll think twice about eating them after smelling them! Sad about loss of jobs with new machines to replace workers.

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