Over the bar

imageimageimageimageSounds like we may have been pole vaulting, but no, tonite our room is upstairs over a sports bar. The sports are local hiking groups and Patanque players, not quite a Hells Angel bar crowd.
Today we carried our packs, and passed through the Capital of Armanacq, and finally found a large wine growing area. At OUR bar we met a winemaker, who said it is his passion, but no matter how talented you may be, or how hard you work, it comes down to the whims of Nature.
We have been walking in Gasgogne, so pick a Dumas novel, a nice snifter of Armanacq, and relax in a room with a view – scratch that idea, we still have miles to go, and blisters to grow.
In the true Camino spirit, one of the vineyards we passed had two picnic tables with an ice chest of bottles of cold water, and a large thermos of coffee set out with a sign inviting pilgrims to partake. It made a cool shady spot for our picnic.

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