What no Wee Fee?

imageDay before yesterday we had to stay in a chambre because of the name “Maison de Chats Bleu” House of the Blue Cats. We had to carry our backpacks up to the third floor. The tourist office told us to look for the house with all the flowers. They were right, all three stories were covered with flowers. The woman also had cats, one named Diva, she warned us may pee on our packs. Out,Out, bad Diva. It turned out ok.
The next day was shown in the guide books as an easy 17 miles, but was a continual roller coaster hike, up one side of the hill, over the top, down the backside, repeat,repeat,repeat. We ended at a farm,that was described as private rooms 90 euros, also a Gite and a campground. For the price and location this must be a class act. It was cheaper than advertised, but didn’t come close to what we imagined from reading the ad. They could have filmed Ma & Pa Kettle on the farm here. But,we did meet a young couple of bicyclists from Holland, who were on their way to Santiago de Compostela, and were then going to continue on to Morocco. Now that’s a bike ride.
Today was about 14 miles of Fields of Sunflowers, Soy beans, and corn, or just plowed fields for as far as the eye can see.
Not much distraction, but Monica did graze from the fig trees as we passed by. This is big farm country, has much in common with our San Joachim Valley.

4 comments on “What no Wee Fee?

  1. I hope you’re both feeling well! From the picture of the farm it does look like Ma & Pa Kettle could’ve lived there : ).
    Things are fine here, I’m just heading out to get the boys from school (Jared finally finished his Spanish class with a B+… 3 years of Spanish done, thank goodness!).
    Love you both – be safe

  2. Bon jour comment alle vous? Vous et tre Jolie. Bad. French but you are doing a great job. When is the next trip? Morraco? Love Tony & Yvonne

    • If Dave’s knee holds up with a little lucky and 5 or 6 days of climbing in the Pyrenees we hope to be in St a Jean on next Sat or Sun. But there are some tough days of 33+ clicks and lots of steep ups and downs. Down’s kills Dave …up’s are killer on my back. Each step is a journey Hugs Monica

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