Does your dog bite?

Why is it I feel like I’m walking in a Peter Seller’s movie. Some of the people are in costume and character, others are just innocent extras. Well then, after a moment of thought (Don’t seem to have as many of those as I used to) maybe the whole world are players in a movie we have seen too many times. But, then again we walked along the river Lot today; guys are fishing, couples and families are enjoying the beauty and serenity, lush gardens of vegetables and flowers on the right, the river on the left. This is the historic part of the village, and most of the buildings have been standing (many still lived and worked in) since the 1600’s. Every town, village, city in France has a memorial to their heroes, those killed in WWI, this small village of Cajarc lost 600. Thankfully, that was the war to end all wars. When you walk here you are haunted by all the stories the villages have to tell. But for now'”all is quiet on the western front.”

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