Par-don-wah? ? ?

imageIs this Way of St. James or the Navy Seals training run? Wifi is come-see come-sa, but yesterday started with a slippery muddy climb, then a totally overgrown rutted trail, the surrounding thorn bushes grabbing at your shirt, then we came to a small chapel (locked -somebody call the Pope), decided to have lunch there and had nice talk with a young Parisian pilgrim. The afternoon went well following on along the Lot river, but the last few miles was a long switch backing climb to our nights stay. We stayed at a remote Cambre d’Hote, we were two of 12 guests, and the dinner was terrific, many courses it lasted for 2 1/2 hrs. We were the token Americans.
Today was the easiest day, as far as elevation changes and smooth trail, but it was to good to last and the last miles came down the now to be expected very steep, narrow, boot grabbing,rock strewn trail dropping several hundred meters. Monica tripped and fell near the end, a bracelet she was wearing broke and cut her hand, a few new bruises and she was doing OK, until we got to Conques, and she went to a Benedictine service at 8:30 pm, and walking behind the altar in almost total darkness she again tripped and fell. More bruises, but nothing busted. Thanks for your prayers.
We stopped for lunch in a very small village, the women told Monica to leave. She couldn’t serve us. The restaurant served one lunch item, if you wanted to eat it fine, but if you wanted something else – Leave. It was ham with a side of peas & carrots, we stayed and it turned out to be very nice tasting and inexpensive. Then the waitress became very friendly with Monica and ended up giving her the bracelet off of her wrist that she had just gotten at Lourdes. Not sure how that works out, Monica got a gift of a bracelet blessed at Lourdes, then falls down twice?
We are staying an extra day here in Conques.

4 comments on “Par-don-wah? ? ?

  1. So sorry to hear Monica fell twice. Thank goodness nothing broken, except her bracelet. Love your entry! Best wishes, thinking of you! love, Pat & Cem

    • It was her Turkish bracelet with the eye and colored glass beads. I’m losing faith in the power of the eye. It missed the evil boot grabbing rock. I’ll have to find her a two eyed bracelet, as a backup.

      • OH NO!!!! If I see a two-evil eye bracelet I’ll get it for Monica!!! Give her a kiss for me. love, Pat

  2. Wow, way too much vino, eh ?? Careful with those falls Moni…….don’t need you to return in a sling. Sounds like great adventures though, and you are gettin into the swing of things. Take your time. Hugz…..J & D

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