Camouflaged Americans

Today was a rest day, we have averaged 14 miles a day, and definitely feeling stronger.
Today a couple were taking a picture outside of our chambre (which is on the main plaza with the church), and we heard them speaking in good old unaccented American English. We asked in the same language where they were from, to which they replied Canada. Monica said, you don’t sound Canadian. The women then admitted that they weren’t Canadian, and lived in Hayward, Ca., but they were afraid they would be attacked if they said they were American. The husband said if they find out your American you have a big target on your back. Later we again saw them, but we didn’t speak to them, because we didn’t want to blow their cover. We could hear him explaining a site to his wife,in a loud voice that have only been an American. If it quacks like a duck, and waddles like a duck, well Duh! It is a paranoid American. By contrast we walked into a shop, and there were about 5 Hikers we had met a day or two earlier, and they immediately announced “here comes the Americans.” Some people watch to much news on Fox.

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