We begin the trail, or is it trial?

I have to confess that I told my friend Marv that jet lag never bothered us, we always hit the deck running, but today proved me wrong. After some thirty six+ hours traveling without sleep or proper food! we started today with a 16 mile trek scheduled, stopped for a baguette, and across the street for ham & sausage for our picnic. Then the reported flat walk climbed a bit, followed by a continuing undulating route. Much of today was spent heel to toe in a deep rutted track. But then, evil jet lag set-in, and our miles made good shrieked down to a very tired 9 miles at a Gite (in Spain it is an Alberque, shared living) the Spirit of the Camino smiled on us and we got a private room. During dinner we were in conversation with three French couples, who said they were staying a second night, and they had taken a vote, and decided we should stay an extra day with them. They were a fun group but we are hitting the hot & dusty and moving on tomorrow, Not far, but far enough to work off the lag

One comment on “We begin the trail, or is it trial?

  1. You have more than jet lag–sheer exhaustion! I recall my surprise at you in Istanbul! Ready for adventure the next morning–what troopers you are!!! Best wishes–glad you’re getting a good night’s rest. love, Pat & Cem

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