Feet are made for walking!!!

This is a little fact you couldn’t prove by me. After not hiking for a month the feet, legs, back all say “no way we’re going on”. AND the weather is unusually hot! Over 85 today so by afternoon this body is ready to lay down in the shade…the hill might only be a 350 feet incline but in my mind I am sure it is over a 1000ft. Don’t try this unless you trained…lesson 1.

Tomorrow, another day and different aches and pains. But it is onward & upward!
Blessings to all

2 comments on “Feet are made for walking!!!

  1. Nama it was so great to read your blog! Today sounded like a real pain in the butt but with your determination you will get through tommarow with ease. I will be reading tour blog as much as possible. Love you guys a lot!
    Justin Armanino

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