The adventure begins. . .

It started as a typical day for the Pilgrims, Monica & Dave.
They called our flight to board at SFO, and Monica can,t find her passport. United’s Search teams flashed into action, along with TSA Terrorist Response Teams, including NSA drones, with all the rapid response going on the man sitting next to her suggested she look in a white envelope he had noticed her with; the stalker was right, there it was, so tranquility returned.
An uneventful 11hr flight brought us safely to Paris.
Caught the high speed train to Lyon, changed trains, but then we were assured by our 16 yr.old high school seat partner that we would get off at his stop to continue on by bus, great just tell us when. Well, we got off the train with him, to find ourselves standing there as the train disappears down the track, when our student guide tells us that he and we got off at the wrong station. This was after Monica complimented him on his good English, and he answered that he was in a French school,but was from England. Hurry, Hurry, into the train station and in about 15 minutes we were enroute on a different train, but now also had our bus reservations – no harm done. After 6 hrs on trains, we have a 2 hr bus ride, it drops us off at the RR station in Aumont Aubrac, but it is 10 PM and everything is closed. We walk to the Inn where we have reservations, same place we ended last years walk, the house is totally blacked out but the women, same women answers the door. Doesn’t remember us, doesn’t remember the reservation. We hotfoot it down the street to a hotel, also closed for nite, and find the innkeeper, who gets us a room, but fixes us a great dinner with wine. Nite all!

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