Geneva…Camino Rejoined

Performed with attention,

without rush,
with patience,
any single step can surprise you
and reveal your destination.

Iran Granger

One comment on “Geneva…Camino Rejoined

  1. Hey…..are you over there already ????    Have fun !!!   We are RV’ing on the CA coast at Bodega Bay with my Brother…..gorgeous weather and lovely to listen to the ocean. Shirley is very ill, bloodwork has revealed a tumor somewhere in her little body.    We hear on Monday whether it is Thyroid tumor or elsewhere, and whether or not we will risk the very dangerous surgery on thyroid requiring specialized surgeon.    If it’s ‘elsewhere’ I don’t know if I want to submit her to radiation & chemo.     It’s just been awful…..not fair…..she is only seven ! Today we took her to a lovely long sandy beach….her favorite thing to do !   Later…,  Jan

    Janice and Dorsey Warren       S/V  “SUN DAZZLER”         ~~  Mariner  48 ~~    


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