Wow! The half way mark. Who would have guessed we could have walked with backpacks in horrendous weather for 250 miles; and the best part still going. Yesterday, like today, was totally cold rain. The first 9 miles was along a gravel fRm road boarding fields of wheat for a far as the eye could see, no people, no buildings, nothing but wheat for the 9 miles. It was straight and flat but wearing all the rain gear with a backpack you are cold & wet on the outside and overheating in presperation on the inside. Today was much the same with a bit more ups and downs, but with the rain you can’t appreciate the countryside or take many photos. But the halfway milestone was a great lift to the spirit. We’re Bad! We’re Bad! This area is called the Meseta and is a high ( about 2400 ft) level plain,with very little other than miles and miles of planted fields. Most of the photos were taken on or near the town of Sahagun (3,351 pop) we just went through the edge of it, but was impressed by what we did see of it. Tonite we are in Bercianos de Real Camino (200 pop) with a long day tomorrow,and more cold rain, ad with luck the next day ( more rain) we may be in Leon.


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