This is Santo Domingo de Calzada, the town that is noted for two chickens. A young man was about to be married, but the King ordered him hung. The family protested to the King who was having a chicken dinner, and he responded to the family that the boy was as dead as the two chickens on his platter, at which time both chickens came to life. The family went to where the son had been hung, and found him alive and well. Since then, in light of the miracle, the Church has kept two chickens in the Cathedral. Today started out perfect, sunny warm, we walked about 3 miles and stopped for coffee. Starting out again, we went a only a short distance when the wind came up dropping the temp by 10 digs, the wind continued to build to gale force. You could only walk with your head lowered against the battering wind, pushing against the wind to walk on the level took as much energy as climbing a mountain. Then the route went through a road construction site, so buffeted by the wind we were dodging around huge earth moving equipment, getting past that area, we then began climbing the first was a thousand ft. Elevation gain with another after that, and the wind is still screaming tonight. It was all through fields of grape vines nothing big enough to break the wind. A horrible day for hiking. Wind and cold is supposedly not normal, but forecast to for the wind to remain high tomorrow and we have more miles with more hills than today. The number of Pilgrims has increased, we are now seldom out of sight of others and finding lodging is more of an issue, so we are trying make reservations ahead.


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