Good food and wine can save the day. After walking 13 – 14 miles in freezing winds and sleet we arrived at our destination Navarrete and discovered Bar Deportivo, their tapas were some of the best that we have had yet, the bacalao, the eggplant, everything was delicious. The owners, Begona ( the cook) and Antonio ( the bartender) made us feel like old friends sharing recipes. The perfect end to a cold wet dreary day. It seemed like hours to walk through the park in Logorno. The wind would catch the pack and push us sideways until we caught ourselves with our hiking poles. A glass of Rioja tinto put the whole day back in order. With temps in the 30’s the fingers feel like they are frozen to the hiking poles. The dayicj of it spent getting through Lograno (145,000 pop) them ending with a steep climb ending in Navarrete (pop. 2200).


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