This the way God intended a pilgrimage to be, 2.5 kms into the days walk brought us to a Cistercian Monastery with a Winery that had a fountain pouring free wine. While he had several long uphills there was one that could be seen from miles away, it looked like a pyramid, steep sided and just a point at the top. The streets in the mountain villages are vertical, so no relaxing there. Much of the walk was through miles and miles of wheat fields broken only occasionaly by fields of grapes. The weather was it’s usual iffy self with on and off rain. One change the mud has change from thin and slippery to thick and sticky. Interesting, as we walk along we can sometimes hear or see traffic and we think what a different mindset between the drivers with their hustle bustle and the Pilgrims. Today is the first day to wake up to sunshine. We are off to Viana, 6 kms from Logano, we will be crossing over from the wine country of Navarre to that of La Rioja.


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