The sun just lured us outside, then it began raining and rained all day at different intensity. The freezing wind (chill factor 37 degs) was so strong. How strong was it? It was so strong I had to keep a kite cord on Monica to keep her from flying off of the ridge tops. It would actually blow your hiking stick away before you could plant it for your step. But better cold windy rain than the snow it putting Dow higher up. The picture sadly shows that even a pilgrim can lose their soul – Repent! Insipite of three steep climbs in cold and wind and rain, it was not a bad day for us , and wracked up 20 kms, There are a lot of flowers and trees on flower, interesting birds, and oat of today was on farm roads passing wheat, grapes, olives and veggies. We started off the morning with only a packet of energy gel and no coffee, but about three miles away on a hilltop we could see the next village, so a we walked toward that village we were thinking how nice it was going to stop in a nice warm cafe and enjoy an espresso. So after 3 mikes we get to the village to discover all the businesses are close. Finally got coffee in the next town that thankfully was close by. We now are relaxing in a very nice Casa Rural in a double w/ bano for 30 euro.


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