Taking a rest day in Obanos. Today is a church fiesta, noon mass by the Bishop, then free sandwiches and wine; then off to the bar for expresso cages, 2 beers, a family style meal starting with garbanzo bean/chorizo stew, then lettuce tomato onion salad, then a platter of cordillera (lamb), dessert was flan and cafe, also included a bottle of wine and two bottles of water, total of 30 euros. Excellent. At mass met 4 Korean pilgrims. Interestingly I told them our family ask us if we were having fun. The Korean said,”the walking is not fun, it is difficult, the fun of walking the Camino is the food, not the Peregrino food (the restaurants all offer a separate inexpensive meal for Pilgrims,) but the traditional local food. We totally agree and go for the Tipico dishes. As the saying goes, “When on Rome, do as the Spaniards do.” This was the perfect place for is to stop for a lay-over day and just relax. We now understand the key to walking the Camino, is to have a light load; without the load of a heavy pack the walk would be not much of a problem. We have passed a number memorials to recent fallen pilgrims. If is definitely bad in the rain, but after the rain the climbs and descents are treacherous with very slippery mud. Fun is the food and congeniality. Tomorrow is a long day 15 miles to Estella.


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