We got on our way from Pamplona, it was cold and windy, normally a jacket would be comfortable, but after a short time carrying the pack we ate soaked in sweat, then have to get rid of the jacket. In a few kms. We passed through the town of Cizur Menor. and from there on it was a steady climb. At the top was a wind farm and a art sculptor to the pilgrims, it was an equally hard steep descent. We did meet another couple from Canada And the miles passed easier as we walked and talked with them. We came to a small village, Obanos, it had been a long day, so we Checked into a hostel. We have bedrm & large bath, with fully equipped kitchen, dining and living rm (they are community rooms, but there is only one other couple here and they hav’nt been out of their room.). We went to the tienda for grocery and Monica made dinner that would jhave made any Basque proud,


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