Today was about 11.5 miles, we started at 8AM in pouring rain and fog; and for the next 8 miles climbed the Pyrenees. With the heavy rain the stony trail was like walking up a waterfalls. Our raingear was water repellent not waterproof, and after hours of hiking we were soaked through. As there were mo villages along the route there was no chance to rest or eat – the trail just kept going up, up, up . In spite of Mother Nature’s worst we persevered and completed our planned day. There are people doing segments Pf the Way, and quite a few doing it with a tour group, where the tour company provides meals, hotels and transportation for your luggage, but to these people it is a holiday or vacation, and has nothing to do with a pilgrimage. People have been doing the pilgrimage for 1200 years to Santiago de Compostela and those early pilgrims didn’t do it for fun, or as a weight loss program. The Way is not a Disney Park. We have been asked if we were having fun? It is an amazing experience, but you won’t find the word fun in the definition of pilgrimage.


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